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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Second Chance - Good Pregnant, Bad Pregnant

Here is the thing, no one really talks about being pregnant for the second time. The first pregnancy is so overwhelming, that it is all you can think about, talk about, and dream about until you deliver. Your job becomes secondary, your social life decreases, your time online increases, you might consider your mate's role in this, if he is lucky. But then, there is the second time around.....

Good Pregnant-

1. You just aren't as worried about EVERY LITTLE THING! You aren't constantly thinking about miscarriage (not that it doesn't pass through your mind), every morsel of food you put in your mouth (even though, you swear you will not gain as much this time), and you aren't reading 101 books about pregnancy (that scare the living poop out of you!)

2. You already have pregnancy clothes. You are already ready for how ugly and unflattering they are.

3. You've MOSTLY dealt with the fact that you are not cute pregnant. But you will at some point return back to almost normal looking in the next two years or so.

4. You don't have time to eat as much food and focus on your weight gain because you are chasing a toddler around all day. And yet somehow I am gaining the same amount as the first time around (so far.)

5. I have most of what I need on hand or at least the knowledge to deal with most of the pregnancy downfalls. Unisom and B6 for nasty morning sickness, Tums for heartburn (even though, my sister swears by honey..WHATEVER! Just made it worse last night,) BellaBand for 1st trimester and so forth.

Bad Pregnancy

1. No one really gives a rat's ass that you are pregnant the second time. I feel like they will be excited once the baby gets here, but not really about this 10 month phase I am going through. The one exception is newly pregnant women, they are fascinated by all your knowledge, wisdom, and insight related to all things pregnant!

2. Your husband just isn't that excited or as accommodating the time. He cares, but the foot rubs are OUT THE DOOR!

3. You can't put your career on hold like you did the first time around, they cut you slack the first time. That's where the gravy train ends.

4. No shower to look forward to, but if you are lucky (and I am) you will have fantastic friends and family that will through you a sip and see when they baby arrives. Further details on that later.

5. You get fatter faster.

6. The baby will most likely be larger not smaller!

I'm sure there are tons more goods and bads, but I hear Will waking up from his nap (I know I have a two year old that naps -YEAH for me!)

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