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Sunday, July 4, 2010


Can be the funniest thing. On Friday, we were walking our little family through the Patterson Park. This is a daily event that I love to share with Paul, the dogs and Will. This is a time that Paul and I usually catch up on our days, exercise the dogs and let Will run around and interact with dogs and people alike. We also let the dogs off leash (I know it is illegal, but these girls need to run!) We did so on Friday. The girls were running and Will has chasing. Another man walked up to the unofficial off leash area and let his collie off. The dogs interacted as Will watched. Well, this dog was obviously male and decided to relieve himself. Will was very interested. So interested in fact that he ran right up to the dog midstream. As quick as all three adults were my son still got peed on! Paul and I laughed, the guy was basically mortified (even though he did not apologize.) So keep a look out for this guy...

In upcoming posts...I am starting potty boot camp. The peeing should get funnier! Wish us luck!

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