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Friday, July 2, 2010



Everyone thinks that they are flexible. I am in that boat! I really do think that I am patient, understanding, and giving.
Part 1 - Then, I had a conversation with my husband last night about how I would like this second delivery to go. I am attempting a VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean.) I have changed doctors and hospitals to truly try to make a run at this the right way. I went from an OB at GBMC (they have a 42% c-section rate!! I didn't know!!) to a midwife at Mercy (they have 24% c-section rate. Not great but better.) I have told Paul that he has to read a book about the Bradley Method of natural child birth. And I am now preaching to anyone around me that will listen to me about drug free birth and women's right to knowledge about childbirth and delivery. I know that I am getting on everyone's nerves, but I feel like my "flexibility" and willingness to compromise led me to the induction and c-section.
Part 2 - My inability to be flexible has also led me to realize that I am NOT working out AGAIN this pregnancy!! REALLY...REALLY...why can't I just do something little. I have the Wii Fit, I could do the yoga or the weird step aerobics on there. I live a block from Patterson Park. I could go for a walk more often. So really, I am going to try now that I am off for the summer (teacher's one bonus..well that and snow days) that I will try my hardest to work out and increase my flexibility! I'll update later about my new workout strategy.

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