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Monday, July 5, 2010


So....I started potty training Will today. This is a child that when we first got the potty would sit for a second and then start to cry like we were torturing him. So, I am resorting to bribery and I will say that today was a success. Will sat on the potty every 1-2 hours. M&Ms are my SAVIOR!! We had no "action." Action meaning peeps or poops. But there was also no tears! Tomorrow, we go pantsless!!

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  1. Carol,

    Okay this is my second time reading this because for some odd reason the first one didn't go through...ANYWAYS- I love you. The blog is awesome. It seriously made me laugh after a miserable day of nausea. I can't wait for 2nd trimester when this is supposedly all going to stop :) I can't wait for the second baby to be born. I am so excited for you and Paulie. I can't thank you enough for all your helpful advice during my pregnancy...even though I am delivering at GBMC :) Keep the posts coming I love them!!!


    PS Your posts are a in favorites :)