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Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Penis Here...A Penis There...Here a Penis, There a Penis, Everywhere a Penis, Penis

Ahhh.....Day 4 of potty training and I'm pretty sure I have seen more penis in the these last four days then my whole life but together! But, I have to say I have been very happy with the whole process so far. Will turned 2 years and 2 months this week, so we are starting Attempt 1 at the potty. I am hoping that we will not have to make too many tries but who knows. I am being positive so far. Here is the plan:

Two weeks before - Full time Cloth diapering and talking up the potty and pees and poops! So fun! I love that I am cheering for a potty, ie "putting your pees in the potty is awesome," "watch mom put pees in the potty, she is a big girl," "dad uses his penis to push out the pee into the potty," "ughhhh, see I pushed the pee out," (so embarrassing!)

Monday: Diaper on and sit on the potty every hour to earn an M&M. Try to associate the potty with a positive consequence (Yeah...Pavlov)

Tuesday-Friday: Pantsless Party. Still sitting on the hours but trying to "catch" him going and then get him to the potty so he will understand that the pee goes in the potty. I'm not even touching POOP! (SO SCARY)

Nada on Monday, I was thinking that it was going to really be a hard and uphill battle.
Tuesday - I think I got more pee on me than in the potty, but we did have one success and luckily Paul got to see it!
Wednesday - I had enough of the heat and went to the pool. No success in the morning but we did have some in the afternoon after a 3 1/2 hour nap (SCORE!!!)

Then we were getting ready for bed. Will sat on the potty (no action) and then ran into his bedroom still pantsless. At this point, Paul and I were chatting and not paying too much attention. Then, we hear a big bang( uh-oh!!) and a scream. Will had peed on the hardwood floors and then tried to run through it. He ended up slipping and falling all in his pee! He was soaking wet, hurt, and yelling at the pee! Owww poos, owww poos!! Thankfully, Paul came in and got Will all cleaned up while I cleaned up his room. We called it a day, but a diaper on and his PJs. Enjoyed some Thomas and then off to bed! Today is a new day!!!!!

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