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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Big Boys and Babies!!

Well, there is a lot of baby news flying around the last few weeks. The biggest for me is that I will be a great aunt somewhere around February 8th! That's right, my NIECE is pregnant at the same time I am. Her and her husband are thrilled at the news and I can't be happier to help Christine and Micah as much as I can through this awesome journey! Also, my dear friend, Becki, is in the "safe zone" with her twins by reaching 35 weeks. Her OB has told her that the likelihood of them all coming home at once is very good! Lastly, my far away friend, Katie, just revealed that she is having a baby at the end of January. I can't be happier than with all the ladies that are around me that are knocked up!! And gasp, I have only one more week left in my second trimester (wow 26 weeks went fast!!)Lastly in baby news, Paul got asked to start training as a Respiratory Therapist for the NICU (babies) and the PICU (kids.) He is really excited to already be asked to do something new after only two months on the job!! I love that man of mine!


We have a potty trained little boy (not a baby anymore!!) Will has been very successful with the potty! I can't believe how well he has taken to the big (scary) potty in the outside world! He is awesome for only being 27 months old. He still has accidents every once in a while, but has spent the last two weeks in underwear full time. That's right...during naps and night time!! I will devote a whole post this week to my ups and downs (and trust me there were downs!) of potty training a barely two year old later this week. I just wanted to catch up on the blog since I have been MIA (for many reasons) for the last two weeks!

My sad news is that I only have three more weeks home before I have to go back to my paying job as a kindergarten teacher. I truly do love this job, but am finding myself being pulled to stay home. I have loved this summer with Will. He truly makes me laugh and smile about a hundred times everyday!

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