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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Why am I doing this now?

I have talked about starting a blog for a long time. I am terrible at keeping up with all the firsts in motherhood and raising children. A lot of friends have started them to keep track of all the little and big events in their familis' lives. I just want to keep track of Will's and this next baby's childhoods and about our scrapes and bumps as parents along the way.

Speaking of...

Last night, Paul decided to put the dog food away upstairs in the bathroom (which is where we have to keep it since Will decided that it is his favorite toy) which he has done dozens of times. Instead of just dumping the bag in the container and carrying on with his day, he decided to fight with the towel rack. In his words, he fought the towel rack and the towel rack won. He ended up in Mercy's ER with two stitches. At least it is never boring around here....


  1. Carol, I am SO excited that you finally did it :) I am excited to keep reading about The Underwood's adventures(even though you guys live 25 houses away)! Love you all!

  2. Thanks for following, I hope I can keep up with this :)